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The ostriches have always been a topic of imagination for people !

Some time ago, you could only see them in zoos attracting a lot of people ! However, when mainly in South Africa, the "ostrich farms" were founded, several tens of years ago, the interest for that animal and its possibilities has increased :



  • The skins were handled and became very desirable handbags. Today, there is an enormous variety of products in ostrich leather
  • The feathers of the "French Cancan" quickened the imagination
  • The eggs, the largest bird’s eggs in the world, were transformed into real pieces of art. Mainly in South Africa, there are real pearls of beauty. Do not worry, you do not have to go that far. OSTRICH DE ROOST can also offer you these products.
  • The meat is largely appreciated because of its high quality, low fat and marvellous taste. Moreover, there is not only fresh meat but also splendid meat products !
  • The inspiration was quickly aroused ! It allows to taste a delicious avocado based on ostrich eggs and there are also handmade chocolates filled with ostrich avocado.


The ostrich belongs to the family of cursorial birds, and in this family, it is the largest and most grown one. The KIWI is the smallest of the cursorial birds. Hereafter, a list of the cursorial birds :



  • The ostrich
  • The rhea
  • The cassowary
  • The Nandu
  • The Kiwi

Apart from the ostrich, the other cursorial birds are grown only little for commercial purposes, they are more « showbirds ». We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the ostrich is more dangerous than the other cursorial birds because of its size and its enormous strength.